Yes, there are many different schools which teach meditation.  How are we different?

In one word, our technique improves your health, de-stress your mind and enlightens your spirit all at the same time. Most important of all, it is one of the most efficient techniques to accomplish the integration of your body, mind, and spirit.

We can make this claim because we teach you how to focus on your acupressure points in your body. As you focus on these acupressure points, you can improve the circulation of these points, and at the same time de-stresses your mind.

Because these acupressure points are where your hormonal glands are, when the circulation improves, the hormonal glands become more functional and thus improves your immune system.  And this act of “focusing” redirect your “thinking mind” away from stress and anxiety, and thus de-stresses you.

As your body becomes more energized, mind becomes calmer and relaxed, you will feel like morning again.  Your spirit will feel content and happy and full of hope and energy.

We have divided our guided meditation into three levels.  If you are new to meditation, please practice the basic practices for at least one year.  Before you jump into picking or choosing some sessions applicable to your situation from the “Target level”, make sure you have practiced for over a year and can feel your “chakra”.  Meditation takes time. Please don’t pick up more than you can chew.  You would not witness any benefit if you just read or practice too many different sessions.

Basic Meditation Practices

What is meditation all about?
How is Chan meditation different other meditation? How effective is it to integrate our body, mind and spirit? Can I
Please remember the following three keys to Chan meditation.
Belly breathing is the first practice to begin. Practice it for at least three months. Once you mastered it, you
What are the requirements for posture?  What role do they play? Why is it important? How does it affect our
Question: What is Qi (procunce chi)? Why is it important? Answer: It improves our circulation and energizes us. Thus improves our
What is the purpose for curl your tongue? How does sympathetic nerve and parasympathetic nerve affect us?
How do we truly "relax"? Why is it important? Does "relax" also means not to have an opinion?
Doesn't "relax" and "focus" contradict each other? How does "focus" helps us? Where do we "focus"? Why is it important?
How can I enjoy, when I am in such a mess?

Targeted Meditation Practices

Advanced Meditation Practices