Life Style Guide Lines

How should you sit, stand and walk?  How should you sleep and eat? When are the best times to sleep, wake up and exercise?  What does the Yellow Emperor teach? Or does it teach?

Yes, the Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor has very clear guidelines about all of the above and more.

Not only it stated the daily rejuvenating schedule for each of our organs, it also taught us the concept of Ying and Yang (warmth and coldness) of each food. For instance, Ying or coldness shrink our Qi channels and slows down our circulation. Yang improves our circulation and brings us more energy. Yet too much Yang may hurt us as well.

Are these guidelines interrelated with a fundamental concept to our health, or are they separated and independent from each other?

We can assure you, though you may find some of these guidelines outrageous and unacceptable, but how can any advice propagated for 5,000 years if it results in no benefit. Though the Inner Canon is a complete, well structured, and very scientific system of what to do, and what to avoid as much as possible, but it is very difficult to read its cryptic language.

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