3 steps to sustain your wellness

Please follow the recommended steps.

STEP 1: Be healthy and energized.

Be healthy, energized, and joyful. Master our Traditional Chinese Medicine based self-healing technique, in 100 plus videos, to heal most of your illnesses naturally, without medication or equipment to buy.

If you experience any kind of discomfort, please practice these self-healing lessons first. Because any little discomfort will disrupt the calmness of your mind.

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Step 2: Be able to adjust your well being at each moment

Practice our voice guided Chan meditation, a practice with 2,000 years of proven effectiveness and history. Practice it diligently everyday to enhance your awareness. So that you can monitor your state of well being and adjust it at each moment.

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Step 3: Live in the NOW.

As long as we have a physical form with our 5 senses, we will continue to face the challenges from this giant world rules by endless cause and effect. Face it; harmonize with it; resolve it, is the only way we can be liberated from it.

Practice the two practices diligently and follow the guidelines from Yellow Emperor’s Inner Canon, which was tried and true for 2,500 years, can help.

When you are ready after completed step 1 and step 2, we will continue to offer tried and true lifestyle guidelines in a Q&A format.