Yes, we have a total of 103 lessons on teaching you the self-healing practice of Paida Lajin. We do believe if you studied earnestly, you will be an expert in the knowledge of Paida Lajin. All you have to do next is to practice it and gain experience. After all, the experience is the key to everything.

Out of these 103 lessons, 16 are in text form, and 87 are in video form. The 16 text-based lessons are grouped into a course titled, “Basic Paida Lajin”. Its detailed course content is listed below. It will give you a basic understanding about this self-healing practice of Paida Lajin.

The 87 video lessons are grouped into the following courses. The first four courses need to be thoroughly studied before you begin practice Paida Lajin. In order to help you not to begin practice prematurely, we scheduled to display each lesson every two days.  Additionally, each course is a pre-requisite for the next one.

This way, you cannot skip over.  You must study all 23 lessons before you begin Paida Lajin. You may not like this.  But this is really designed for your own good. We want to make sure that you are fully equipped for your journey of self-healing.

Then there are 63 lessons pertaining to its application, or shall we say talking about many different diseases and how to handle them.  They are not sequenced and you can pick or choose any of the self-healing lessons as you wish. They will be available after you have thoroughly studied the first 23 lessons.  Since we believe no one is able to remember the details of all 63 lessons, these lessons of self-healing will always be there for your review, as long as you have a valid Premier Self-Healing Access. 


These courses are composed of 89 video lessons teaching you the basic principles and methods of self-healing via Paida Lajin.

Each will be ready for you every two days, and you can not skip them over. We purposefully schedule them this way is to make sure that you understand all the guidelines and fundamentals before you begin to practice it. Paida Lajin seems simple, but to truly benefit from its effectiveness, a thorough knowledge of its self-healing theory and methods is essential.

After you study through the first 23 videos, then you can pick and choose the subject matter you are interested in from the remaining 66 videos.

We begin with two introductory videos. You may have already watched the two videos in this lesson.

Please do watch them again to familiarize yourself with basic concepts of Chinese medicine in regards to self-healing. They are very different from western medicine. This way you will not match on the wrong foot.

Course Content

Lessons Status

Important Principles To Remember

You must watch these six videos with full concentration. If you do not understand, watch it again and again. They are quite different from Western medicine, because they are rooted in 3,000-year-old Chinese medicine. Millions and millions of Asians are self-healed based on traditional Chinese medicine.

These six videos are the most important concept of self-healing to remember, understand and accept, before you start to practice Paida Lajin on yourself. 

Where To Start?

This course gives you step by step guide to begin your self-healing practice of Paida Lajin.

Paida Lajin, though may seem simple and straight forward to you, all success, no matter what, is based on a good foundation.

Learning where to Paida; how to Lajin; how hard and how long to Paida; what to do when certain signals appear: are critical to harvest the benefits of your endeavor.

Please be patient and study these six topics thoroughly.

The Paida Lajin Practice

Now you are ready to begin to study these videos and begin to try Paida or Lajin.

Please be patient. Use common sense. Rome was not built in one day. Learn and beware of the conditions of your body. If you notice anything unusual or intolerable. Use less force. Or stop and review the videos again.





Everyday Issues I

These 26 videos cover how to self-heal some of our common issues in everyday life. After you study through the previous four courses, you can pick the ones from these 26 lessons that you are interested in, or to help out someone you love.

These self-healing videos will not be sequenced like the previous ones.

If you can not find the answer you need, just ask us online.

As long as you are a member with us, you can reference any of these videos at any time, as well as ask questions and get answers online.

Let every one of us be our own healer.

Related Issues

The following are issues related to the self-healing practice of Paida Lajin, such as dieting, fasting, ginger tea, tools to help as well as social and economic impact.

Everyday Issues II

These videos cover how to self-heal some of our issues in everyday life. Please study them carefully. Even you may not have these issues, but your loved ones may need you to help them out.

If you can not find the answer you need, just ask us online.

As long as you are a member with us, you can reference any of these videos at any time, as well as ask questions and get answers online.

Let every one of us be our own healer.

We are a full volunteer organization, without paid employees. Your donation will help us to offer our free lessons, seminars, workshops worldwide on a continual basis, as well as making our world a healthier place.