These 16 lessons will give you a basic understanding of the self-healing method of Paida Lajin.

This self-healing method of Paida Lajin also different from compartmentalized western medicine with a holistic view based on Classic Chinese Medicine.

It will give you the reasons why we must not be limited by the name of diseases created by western medicine. Because, in the classic Chinese medicine, the causes of all diseases are quite complex.  If we do intend to heal our disease and not just cover it up or get rid of the symptoms. We must get to the roots of the causes. Otherwise, the same issues will reappear, if we only focus on the symptoms and not the causes of the disease.

These 16 lessons further explain to you that all healing is done by strengthening our inner ability to self-heal.  Surgery only cuts off the damaged part and medicine requires an efficient microcirculation for it to get to the right places. If our microcirculation is blocked, then we will never get the help we need.

Fundamentally, our body’s ability to self-healing is what we were born with. All we needed to do is to improve our microcirculation, so that the toxin can get out and nutrients can get in.

16 lesson.  One dollar each.