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As of today, we are offering you 33 Audio guided mindfulness Chan (Zen) Meditation sessions, a practices with 2,500 years of linage and history. This tried and proven technique can boost your circulation, improve your immune system, calm your mind and  enhance your focus and awareness.

We will continue to add to this list as we reference the needs of our practitioners.

  • Mindfulness Chan (Zen) meditation will teach you how to focusing on major acupressure points, or chakras.
  • Focusing on these chakras, will benefit you in two ways. By redirect your wondering mind to focusing on your internal energy point, you would have less worry, fear or anxiety.
  • Focusing on these chakras, also can increase your Qi (chi) flow. Better circulation will bring you healthier organs.
  • As your health improves, with more energy, and a calmer mindset, you will feel like being on top of a mountain.
  • Contentment will arise from within.  You will become more accepting, more tolerant and much happier.
  • As you continue to contemplate, surrender your ego and serve, you will awaken from the bondage of cause and effect.

Just try for a few months.

Too often happiness is but a momentary flash of feeling wonderful. Too often we are interrupted with worries, fear or anxieties.

If that’s all you know about the benefits of meditation, please allow us to share with you some more.

  1. According to Time Magazine, 70% of all illness are due to stress. And Traditional Chinese Medicine also agrees.
  2. Health is more than the health of cardio-vascular functions.  Health of all of your inner organs are equally important. Only through Qi(chi) cultivation can we improve the health of our inner organs, such as liver, spleen, kidney, brain, etc.
  3. Whether you seek fame, fortune or power, at the end of it all, you are really seeking for love and respect.  Chan meditation is the short cut directly to bring you love, respect, peace and contentment.
  4. We are living in a physical world manifested by cause and effect as well as short life span and impermanence. Once you practiced enough, you will be awakened from within.  Then you shall be liberated from this cause and effect world.

This is what Chan Meditation can help you with. Do try it.  We teach and you practice. There is no free lunch. You have to put in the effort. Don’t waste your time chasing after the wrong goal any more.

If you don’t like it cancel it at any time.

Our teacher of mindfulness Chan (Zen) Meditation

Donald Hwong

Donald Hwong

Teacher - Chan (Zen) Meditation

Donald is the founder of Happy Practices Institute, as well as an ordained Chan teacher for 14 years.

His teacher is the 85th patriarch since Shakyamuni Buddha. He is currently teaching at three centers in Los Angeles, California.  He has published one book about mindfulness Chan (Zen) meditation.

If you still are not sure..

Mindfulness Chan (Zen) meditation is equivalent in its effectiveness to the following type of meditations:

Anxiety sleep meditation, basic meditation, bedtime meditation, best meditation, breathing meditation, buddhist meditation, buddhist meditation, chakra meditation, confidence meditation, couples meditation, daily meditation, deep meditation
easy meditation, emotional health meditation,
energy meditation, evening meditation, five minute meditation, focus meditation, free meditation, grounding meditation, happiness meditation, healing meditation, health and wellbeing meditation, heartfulness meditation, higher self meditation, light meditation, mantra meditation, morning meditation, online meditation, panic attack meditation, peace meditation, positive meditation, positive mental health, positive thinking meditation, power of meditation, quick meditation, relaxation meditation, relaxation meditation for sleep, self meditation, simple meditation, sitting meditation, sleep meditation, spiritual meditation, stress relief meditation, ten minute meditation.


Mindfulness Chan (Zen) meditation also includes the following types of meditation:

Meditation for anger, meditation for anxiety, meditation for beginners, meditation for grief, meditation for insomnia, meditation for kids, meditation for pain relief, meditation for positive energy, meditation for stress, meditation for success, meditation for the day, meditation for weight loss.

As a guided meditation practice, Chan (Zen) mindfulness meditation is compatible and complement the following guided meditation practices:

Best guided meditation, five minute guided meditation, free guided meditation, free guided meditation for sleep, guided breathing meditation, guided chakra meditation, guided meditation, guided meditation anxiety relief, guided meditation audio, guided meditation for anxiety, guided meditation for beginners, guided meditation for depression, guided meditation for healing, guided meditation for healing the body, guided meditation for insomnia, guided meditation for letting go, guided meditation for pain, guided meditation for relaxation, guided meditation for relaxation and inner peace, guided meditation for stress, guided meditation for students, guided meditation for weight loss, guided mindfulness meditation, guided morning meditation, guided sleep meditation, self guided meditation, short guided meditation, ten minute guided meditation.


Look no further.  Just try it. Mindfulness Chan (Zen) meditation has been practices for 2,500 years and benefited millions.

We can email them to you..
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