Fundamentals of our wellness program

Begin by understanding the following principles to total wellness

  • Health according to Traditional Chinese Medicine is more than your cardio muscular system.  Total health must be supported by all of your organs, such as your liver, kidneys, spleen, gall bladder, etc. etc. Therefore microcirculation to these organs is the key.
  • Your health must be in tip-top condition. So that you are fully energized and your mind is clear and fully aware of the status of your body, mind and spirit.
  • Your mind must be stress free, so your circulation is not affected.
  • To achieve the above, you must be aware of the conditions of your body and mind at each moment, so that you could surpass your habitual life style, live beyond man made guidelines, in harmony with nature guided by your innate connection to the universe.
  • To achieve total wellness, all practices must complement each other, because our body, mind and spirit affects each other.
  • If you have not check out our free online courses yet, please try them first, before you sign up to our well program.

What happens after I subscribe to your program?

  • You will be immediately redirected to our lesson area, where hundreds of lesson under different categories will be made available to you. You can begin the lessons one by one, or start from the lesson which is suitable to your needs.

Which category shall I start with?

  • To live in the state of wellness, the first thing we need is to be healthy, because an unhealthy body will interrupt our mind with discomfort.  These signals of distress hinders us to experience happiness. Therefore, if you have any kind of illnesses, please begin with the category of holistic self-healing via PaidaLajin.

How long will it take for me to experience some benefit?

  • For PaidaLajin, once you thoroughly follow the lessons taught, it takes one to two months to witness some effect.
  • For meditation, it takes six month to a year, if you practice everyday at the same time and same place.

What is included in this wellness program?

  • Access to 100 plus PaidaLajin lessons in video
  • Access to 30 audio guided Chan Meditation sessions with more to come
  • Access to targeted healing technique for specific disease
  • Access to goal oriented meditation techniques
  • Access to life style lessons after you self-healed and begins meditation.
  • Be notified of new seminars, workshops, testimonials, new lessons.
  • One free week of accessing entire library.
  • Receive basic lessons via email every week.
  • Be notified of our world wide workshops and seminars.
  • You won’t be charged until after the free week.
  • Cancel at anytime

We are a full volunteer organization, without paid employees. Your donation will help us to offer our free lessons, seminars, workshops worldwide on a continual basis, as well as making our world a healthier place.