Master Total Wellness

Acupuncturist & teacher,
Master Hongchi Xiao

We are a global movement teaching people how to improve their wellness based on Traditional Chinese Medicine.

We have conducted free seminars and workshops world wide in 30 countries in the last nine years. We have witnessed real cases of self-healing 200 plus illness via PaidaLajin, as well as mindful life style to improve our over all wellness.

We offer you a total package including the following three practices to complete your wellness life style.

With your donation, you will be able to have access to 100+ self healing lessons, 33+ meditation sessions, as well as continual guidelines to a healthy and happy life style in total wellness. Here is the details of our wellness subscription program.

Donald Hwong
Mindfulness Teacher,
Donald Hwong

Or save 25% by donating annually for $5.83/month.