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Comment by Mr. Hongchi Xiao: Psoriasis is generally regarded as a “skin” disease, and is treated by skin doctors. In
Notes of Trainer:  Mr.Tao survived the car accident. Hospital surgery in 2004 saved his life but removed his skull on
My husband accompanied me to attend the Chengdu workshop on February 20. Ever since New Year’s Day, I have had
 A sharing story from the US. The pictures show the high effect of healing even just by Lajin. A good
Dear Mr. Xiao, I am a Chinese from Malaysia and now living in Melbourne, Australia. I was diagnosed of bladder
My name is An Wei, 48, and I live in Beijing. I took my mother Fu Guilan (75, from Dalian,
Grandpa Lee, 72, had stroke-induced hemiplegia in July 2011.
Zhu Jinming: Male, age 77, a retired railway employee from Henan Province. Mr. Zhu had a stroke in 2007. He
My right ear had an infection (otitis media) when I was two years old and I lost my hearing. I
I have attended the 9th 7-day E-Dao Paida and Lajin Workshop in Shenzhen. I have been taking medication for endocrine
My name is Song Changfu, 68, and I’m from Jilin province. I feel lucky to have attended E-Dao Paida and
Comment by Mr. Hongchi Xiao: Many are concerned about patients of cerebral infarction and cerebral hemorrhage, leading causes of disabilities
      I fell down while wearing a 15cm high heel in 2012. Ensuing this, I started to have
For many people with terminal cancer and weak Qi and blood, they still think they cannot Paidalajin. What revelation does this testimonial from
I am Mrs Hong, 65 years old, from Buxin City of Liaoning Province. A traffic accident caused a fracture of