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Dear Teacher Xiao,  My name is Isa Ng Yuk Shui. I have meant to write you this thank you email
Pain went away after 20 mins of Lajin At the workshop there is a black lady who came all the
Last Sunday's major task in Seattle's Workshop was to slap hands and feet. Master Xiao did the demo before we
 July 26, 2015 Dallas-Seattle-Beijing A 16-year-old young lady passed out on Alaska’s AS0655 flight from Dallas to Seattle. She was
  English Supri, aged 64.                                   
Testimonial Linda Preliana      Age : 49 tahun. Live in Bandung, Indonesia. I know I suffered from hyperthyroidism since December 2010.On 30
Lerry, male.  Live in Yorba Linda, California, USA.  Age: 52 years.   Height : 6 feet.    Weight : 175 lbs.   
English. (英语)     July 27, 2015 Pintolina (65 years old), Height 155 cm, Weight 71 Kg (Medan – Indonesia) In October, 2013, my mother was hospitalized at Columbia Asia because of complaints
Mastitis, ear eczema, tinnitus, hearing loss, sleeplessness are all caused by blockages of the meridians. Please forget the disease names,
Ms. Lee, 56, had 10 years of freelance experience, retired early due to her grave condition. Her symptoms: Severe depression,
Zhu Jinming: Male, age 77, a retired railway employee from Henan Province. Mr. Zhu had a stroke in 2007. He
My name is Linda Sugiarto, 57 years old, live in Kalibata Indah, Jakarta.I suffer from acute insomnia for some time,
A Lactating Woman Takes No Anti-histamine and Sleeps Well after Paida and Lajin Alice Wu Goeretthie, B. Lampung Indonesia. Age
Comment by Mr. Hongchi Xiao: "Any symptoms occurring during and after Paida and Lajin, such as: blisters, rashes or red
Paida and Lajin as treatment for gastric flu Three days ago my seven years old grandson Oscar had gastric flu
I’d like to share one story about healing a kid’s fever without spending any money. On the morning of September
Comment by Mr. Hongchi Xiao: When I read the following article, it made me laugh! They really kept all the
Yesterday evening, my younger sister called and told me that her son was having a cold and fever again. The
Master Xiao, How are you these days? We’re all missing you! I can’t express my feelings in words but condense
Western medical practitioner Dr. Ma Wenyu had previously saved a female university student’s life from a sudden life-threatening episode by
A second talk about non-medication self-healing of children illnesses After releasing my personal WeChat account number on Master Xiao’s blog,
   Yesterday at evening 6:07pm (16 December 2014) I got a call from a friend (mother of 11-year-old girl, Bella). 
 The 5-day PaidaLajin workshop (9-13 March, 2015) at TAG-VHS Diabetes Research Centre in Chennai, India, with abundant self-healing miracles, was
     滑雪场/Winter Park Resort I'm recounting my story in English. My college classmate Hong invited us to go to
Food poisoning self healed with Paida     Mr. Xiao’s Comment:The so-called food poisoning is a manifestation of meridian blockages. As
Paida on a bus saved a fainted old lady in 2min   Mr. Xiao’s Comment:In this testimonial, an old lady
Paida Neiguan acupoint healed acute hernia in 30 min       Dear Mr. Xiao,I know that stimulating the Neiguan acupoint
Paida on passengers with motion sickness   Mr. Xiao’s comment: Two passengers with motion sickness (nausea, vomiting, dizziness or other discomforts
Paida relieved heatstroke in 3 minutes    Dear Mr. Xiao,According to news reports, yesterday, a 61-year-old man fainted away at
Paida brought me back to life at a fitness centre   Mr. Xiao’s Comment:In this testimonial, Ms. Yang fell on the
Paida saved a dizzy, hypertensive patient on a train    The day before yesterday I took High Speed Rail G60 from
[:en]Paida saved a dizzy, hypertensive patient on a train The day before yesterday I took High Speed Rail G60 from
  One day, I took my son to a small shop to buy things. When he was picking his favourite
  Nothing is too bizarre in the world. I have never had such an experience in the school until last
 In the last weekend of May, my elder brother came to USA for the first time. He stayed with us
(Narrated by Jannie, edited by Lan) The long history of my back pain goes back to my twenties when I
After releasing my personal WeChat account number on Master Xiao’s blog, within days nearly 200 people added me. Many of
    * Definition of 2 terminology which will be used very often in the diary : 
It’s trembled with fear at hearing the word dialysis! How many people with dialysis after renal failure are being tormented
Hi, I'd like to share with you the battle.I recently had against fever and throat infection. From 15 March 2015
The desire of reducing weight is the same for both man and woman, but man is not admitting it! Mr.
I got to know Lajin & Paida from my father in November 2010. He had heart problem, diabetics and leg
      Comments by Master Xiao:        This is an incident emailed by Samel, an Indian. The
At the outset I would like to Thank Master Xiao Hongchi & his team for spreading this powerful system.  I
I’m so blessed to be able to attend the Shanghai workshop, and to acquaint with all of you. I have
The Chinese have always been well-known for their long standing history of health practice. From acupuncture, Gua Sha (skin scraping)
I’m 76, a retiree from Beijing. My two daughters found from the web that Paida and Lajin could cure diseases
I got to know Paidalajin in late November 2013 when my hubby shew me Master Xiao’s video program, which attracted
Comment by Mr. Hongchi Xiao: In regard to breast diseases, women have the final word. There are lots of cases