If you are concerned whether this technique works, how painful is it going to be, or are these bruises or
The following is an excerpt of the report. By TAG-VHS Diabetes Research Centre, Chennai, India Click here to download the

If you are concerned whether this technique works, how painful is it going to be, or are these bruises or
My name is Justin Green and I am a Traditional Chinese Medical practitioner in Kalispell, MT. I work at a
I am absolutely amazed by Paida and Lajin. God truly is amazing when he said we are fearfully and wonderfully
Hypertension more than 25yrs with dangerous periodic spikes (last episode, 227/127) After PL for one month I discovered that right
My health was poor since birth.  As I getting older, my health deteriorate further. Then in 2010, after suffered some
Two of my friends and I have been practicing PaidaLajin for about 6 weeks. These are the benefits we have
I have the greatest admiration for Hongchi Xiao who has taken on the medical establishment and the drug companies by
How does a clinic heal diabetes and hypertension through Paida Lajin? Posted: 2012-1-12 Though some doctors do witness the effectiveness of
Posted: 2015.12.18 Translated from: Coach’s Note: After Ms Huang leaned Paida Lajin, she began to introduce to her friends and
Four Symptoms Vanish from a Patient with 13 Years of Diabetes Time:2015.01.30 03:01 Translated from: I am Hong, 65 years
Self-cured diabetes through lajin and paida Time:2017.05.07 22:49 Translated from: Between 3 and 9 December 2011, PaiLaPai hosted the first
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A Patient with Diabetes, Manier´s, Thyroid Cancer at Workshop Time:2014.10.30 11:10 My name is Helen Tung,57 years old, was
Facts Witness to the Truth----My Diabetes Healed by Paida and Lajin Time:2014.10.30 10:10 Dear Mr. Liu, First of all,
Diabetes, Facial Paralysis, Impaired Hearing Self-Healed My name is Song Changfu, 68, and I’m from Jilin province. I feel
Follow-up Report on People with Diabetes Time:2014.10.30 10:10 Dear Master Xiao, I cannot increase the weight and time yet,
February 16, 2017 On October 15, 2016, the seminar on the healing method Paida Lajin began in Cleeve House in