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Our body, mind, and spirit affect each other.  Meditation and self-healing practices are both needed to assure absolute wellness.

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How to depress? How to quiet our monkey mind? What is mindfulness meditation? How to practice it? Discover these answers in our 33 lessons. (Just $1 each lesson.)


Diabetes, hypertension, knee or back pain? Try our century old self healing practice of PaidaLajin, a branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine healing over millions of people over 200 different cases.

Find your balance, energy & happiness the natural way.

Ramana Marhashi

“Thoughts rule the life. Freedom from thoughts is one’s true nature—Bliss.”

Fix Your Health First

Without good health, it is hard to benefit from meditation. Join millions of people and learn the basic principles of PaidaLajin for free, to fix many of your physical sufferings. 

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“Anyone can be enlightened, when one is totally detached from ALL forms and All guiding principles, reaching absolute awareness and equality.”

– Shakyamuni Buddha

“Once you reached oneness, you would realize how up side down you were perceiving the world.”

– Dr. John Young, MD, PhD

“When you are truly detached from dharma, you will view every form as not dharma, yet also dharma.”

– Donald Hwong

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