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You probably already have plenty of knowledge about how to maintain your wellness. Yet you may still find them somewhat in bits and pieces.  Or your challenge lies in how to live it accordingly.  We have a complete set of three proven practices, each with a history of 2,500 years, and not only they complement each other, they each improves your body, mind and spirit. They have been practiced by millions in Asia. The basic lessons are yours for free.

A Complete Set Of Complementary Practices For Your Total Wellness

100 video lessons to improve your health via PaidaLajin, a simple method you can learn quickly, based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, which has already relieved over 210 different type of diseases, including chronic pain, hypertension, diabetes, lupus, shingles, etc. Visit the testimonials in our blog.

33 Audio guided mindfulness Chan (Zen) Meditation sessions, a practices with 2,500 years of linage and history. This tried and proven technique can boost your circulation, improve your health, calm your mind and  enhance your focus and awareness.

Learn the guidelines for living a lifestyle based on 5,000 year old oracle of Yellow Emperor’s Inner Canon (Huangdi Neijing). You will learn the importance of balancing of Yin and Yang of your health, diet, inner organs and your relationship with nature.

Follow our teachers, try it for six months.

If you are perplexed with all the available recommendations in the world, or having problems to live these guidelines according, you are not alone.  Especially on how to integrate them into one effective practice and manage to living your life accordingly. The key is being aware of the conditions of your body, mind and spirit, and transforming your habitual life style into a healthy one.

Our teacher, Donald Hwong, reached 73 years of age in 2019.  Theses practices we recommended are earnestly practiced by him each day. He is completely healthy and taking no vitamins or drugs.

Search no more.  Try our practices for six month and witness for yourself. The lessons that we offer to you for free will last you a life time.  The key to wellness is not acquiring more knowledge, but “Honest practice and true witness”.


Our teachers

Hongchi Xiao

Hongchi Xiao

Teacher - Holistic Self Healing

Master Xiao has been taught by many monks, hermits, Daoist practitioners by traveling in the mountains of China.  He is an accomplished acupuncturist as well as a master in several healing arts of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

For the last eight years, Master Xiao has traveled world teaching the self-healing method of PaidaLajin, which had already healed over one millions people of 210 different diseases so far.

He has published over four books sold more than one million copies world wide.


Donald Hwong

Donald Hwong

Teacher - Chan (Zen) Meditation

Donald is the founder of Happy Practices Institute, as well as an ordained Chan teacher for 14 years.

His teacher is the 85th patriarch since Shakyamuni Buddha. He is currently teaching at three centers in Los Angeles, California.  He has published one book about mindfulness Chan (Zen) meditation.

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About Us

Happy Practices Institute is a nonprofit California corporation operating under IRS code 501(c)3. We are a full volunteer organization without any employees.

Our mission is to introduce three complementary practices for everyone of us to reach total wellness. To transform each of us to be our own healer and be less dependent on doctors and drugs.  Turn our world into a happy one.

History of theses practices has been around for over 2,500 years in Asia and benefited millions of people already.

Use of funds: All donations are used to support our mission, maintain the website, conduct seminar, and market the teaching of the three wellness practices.  They are self-healing, meditation and healthy lifestyle. Since our registration in January of 2019, we have received no donations yet.  When we do, we will publish it to the public.